martub, which is a persian translation for the english word “moist”, is a kh iuhfi hu;iwoh',dfghg iuhfi hu;iwohf  platform dedicated to promoting, creating, sharing and loving transdisciplinary k.iiuhfihu;iwohkdffoiihfio; iuhf hu;ii widfgh Innovative projects involving art, science, humanity, culture and technology. Martub kh iuhfi works on how we live, think, work, create, and communicate within and across various disciplines. khifghuhfidfghxcvbhnjklfghjkl;hjhu;ae kh siuhfi hu; cv kh iuhfghjfhdlfghjklfghj  Maryam Razi, founder of #martubprojects, is currently working with Art|Sci Center at UCLA and collaborates with ongoing projects there. She is passionate as ihu;idcfvssdfghjkldfghjklghdfghjkldffgh.ghjklfghjklhjfr about collaborating with Iranian media artists, scientists and all who believe in variable realities to join, collaborate and discover. Stay tuned to find out more about projects, programs and rendezvous. sdfghjk l;l'f'g.df ghjklf sdghlgsdfg hhjkfg